“Death to the world as we know it.
Death to preconceived notions of truth.
Death to the crumbling ruins of an empire surviving from outdated concepts of hierarchy”

The artist’s role in any age is to reflect the zeitgeist, holding a mirror to the world. This is a time of darkness, requiring an honest expression of our generation’s rage, inertia, hopelessness but most importantly resilience, unity and love. With disparate and insidious manifestations of oppression, loss of agency befalls a generation searching for their role in the resistance. We need more than ever a music to articulate and embody these sentiments and enable the strength to envision change.

The Comet Is Coming, signalling an end to life as we know it, heralding the dawn of a new age. In the inevitable physical destruction of the planet, a space is created where all notions of political, social and economic hierarchy will be at once obliterated and transcended.

We see death as the first stage of rebirth. A chance for new ideas, sounds and ways of interacting to grow. Death as linked to life. Destruction as linked to creation. As a species we must embrace progression and motion as demonstrated by the celestial forces which underpin our ecosystem and enable our evolutionary progress.

Start running.